Enterpack is a complete packaging system. The Enterpack system offers a choice of two machine models, the 200 and the 350. The Enterpack 200 can be combined with the rectangular 12 x 18 cm and the round 13 cm seal plates. The Enterpack 350 can be combined with the rectangular 19 x 15 cm and 23 x 19 cm seal plates. Each seal plate can package trays of different heights.

Ideal for packaging meat, fish, nuts, tapas, olives, sauces, ready-made meals, salads, fruit and vegetables. Both hot and cold products can be packaged on the Enterpack. Every pack is leak-proof, airtight and odour-proof. The product is extremely well-presented to the consumer, partly because the film is cut neatly.

The Enterpack is distinguished by the great simplicity of the product packaging. The following three steps ensure that the products are always packaged well:

  1. Place the tray with the product on the feed plate;
  2. The product drops into the seal plate automatically, the drawer closes, the product is packaged and the drawer opens again;
  3. Remove the packaged product from the feed place and remove the residual film.

As the Enterpack performs the packaging automatically and, therefore, always uses constant pressure, every package is of consistently good quality.

The Enterpack is a small, handy machine and can consequently be installed in a small area or even behind the counter. The film is supplied in a box that can be placed in its entirety in the machine. As a result, the film is protected from external dirt and dust.

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Machine Enterpack
Models 200 / 350
Application Packaging of fresh products on trays
Technology Top-seal
Operation Semi-automatic
Capacity Up to about 8 strokes per minute
Electrical connection 230 V / 50 Hz – 800 W
Machine dimensions 35 x 45 x 41 cm (width x depth x height)
Weight 19 kg
Certification RW TUV GS & CE
Trays Range of Entervessels trays
Film Range of Enterclear film

The above values are indications and may vary with individual machines.