The Copack 550 enables you to package your sliced meats and cheese, as well as other products such as fish and sandwiches, at a rate of up to 35 packages per minute. You can set the length of the packaged units yourself, with a choice of 14 different unit lengths.

The Copack can be used as a separate machine or as a fully automatic packaging machine behind an automatic slicing machine for meat and cheese.

The Copack 550 is the ultimate in packaging convenience. The touch key operation is self-evident and any operating errors or malfunctions are shown immediately in the display unit. The packaging process starts automatically as soon as you place the product on the feed belt. Input, packaging and output all take place automatically. The Copack 550 has a smooth stainless steel finish and is easy to clean. Sealing takes place by means of impulses,so that no constant heat source is necessary. This results in a substantial energy saving with almost no heat transfer to the product to be packaged. The Copack 550 does not need any time to warm up, which brings an end to waiting times.

As an option, a mobile undercarriage and collection basket can be supplied. Use of the undercarriage ensures the correct operating height and the machine can then also be moved easily for cleaning work.

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Machine Copack
Application Packaging portions of sliced fresh products and bread
Technology Film packaging machine (Klappack)
Operation Can be set to manual or automatic
Capacity Up to 35 strokes per minute
Options Mobile undercarriage and collection basket
Electrical connection 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz – 2,0 kW
Machine dimensions 55 x 52 x 52 cm (width x depth x height)
Weight 55 kg
Certification CE
Packaging format Length: Adjustable from 100 to 230 mm
Width: 235 (with film width of 235 mm)
Maximaal productformaat 190 x 190 mm
Film Klappack film
Film width 235 mm
Film thickness 30 to 50 microns

The above values are indications and may vary with individual machines.